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What is PMEA

The Philippine Mining & Exploration Association Inc. (PMEA) is a non-stock, non-profit entity organized and managed by its membership for the express purpose of providing effective and responsible representation of the mineral  exploration and mineral resources development sector. PMEA is an Affiliate member of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines and is represented on the Chamber's Board of Directors.

The origins of PMEA

PMEA was originally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in September 1998 as the Philippine Mineral Exploration Association , Inc. Its formation was initiated by the International Mining and Exploration Committee (IMEC), a sub-committee of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce of the Philippines. IMEC had been in existence since the early 1990’s and its membership and focus had been to represent and monitor the interests of foreign mining and exploration companies which were either directly, or indirectly, investing in the Philippines.

With the passage of time and new minerals sector developments it became clear that a broader organization was necessary to more effectively represent the mineral exploration industry, including local companies and investors. 

This led to the formation and incorporation of PMEA and the institution of regular monthly meetings at a convenient Makati City venue. More recently, growth in the local minerals industry and the growing membership of the Association, prompted PMEA Members to amend the Association’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and to adopt the revised name Philippine Mining & Exploration Association, Inc. to better reflect the evolving profile of the Association’s membership. The Securities and Exchange Commission issued its approval for said amendments in December, 2011.


PMEA Member’s Fundamental Commitment

We hereby agree and pledge that we will:

  • Conduct our Responsible Mineral Development activities with due respect to the social and environmental sensitivities of the host communities;
  • Respect the rights and customs of indigenous people and indigenous cultural communities;
  • Strive at all times to achieve a standard of social and  environmental responsibility approaching or achieving  the level of “World’s Best Practice”.

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